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Clean-up & Catch-up Services

No matter where you’re starting - even shoebox receipts – we will organize and manage your bookkeeping needs.  Business is a numbers game, but that doesn’t mean you have to tabulate the figures all on your own.  We are adept at bringing discipline to disarray, clarity to confusion. 

Bookkeeping Services

At Sargent Professional Services, we are proficient at marking out a clear-cut roadmap of reporting so your ledgers aren’t so daunting after all.  We offer financial reporting to ensure you have up-to-date and understandable info at your fingertips when making buying and spending decisions.  Custom income & expense spreadsheets, 1099 tracking, payroll options, on-demand training, on-time invoicing, tax prep & planning, accurate financial statements and more… we’re both efficient and effective at getting the paperwork done and the clutter off your desk.

Consulting Services

We not only track your finances but share tactical ideas on how to make the most of your record keeping process.  We act as your behind-the-scenes support team so your financial infrastructure stays stable and sound.  A monthly virtual consultation keeps us both on task and on target.

Specialized Report Services

Our primary financial statements are monthly metrics reporting (key performance indicators), cash flow summaries, income tallies and monthly balance sheets.  Other monthly bookkeeping services can include reconciliation of banking & credit card transactions, accounting software subscriptions such as Quickbooks Online or Xero, and secure Cloud storage of shared documents.   


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Pricing Detail -

Pricing Detail

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